Makeup Classes- Beginners Stage

Enrol in our beginner programme where we offer practical and theoretical tutorial in makeup. The course module captures basic makeup techniques such as how to apply foundation, eye-brow techniques and identifying colours. We also include a face chart and other tools to help you create looks on your own. We also have flexible class schedules depending on your time.

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Makeup Classes- Advanced Stage

The Advanced stage 2 class is for already practicing makeup artiste or persons who have the basic knowledge and will love to update themselves with latest trends and ideas in the beauty trends..
The class module will take participants through a holistic tutorial capturing both theory and practical work. It features trade tips and tricks that will give participants the extra urge in the very competitive beauty industry. Bridal makeup, Editorial, Skin Care and everyday makeup is taught in this class.

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CREATIVE Module | Stage

Creative Module Stage

The creative module class is dedicated to people who love to be adventerous and extra creative with their makeup. It is a class led by Alexi Glam’s award-winning C.E.O, Sandra Don-Arthur who has built her career on creativity and hardwork. As an authority in creative makeup, she’ll share ideas and tricks on how to achieve some of the most-talk about beauty trends, Halloween looks, Fantasy Makeup, Makeup for Editorials, TV Makeup and many more. If you want to pursue creative makeup as a career choice.

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