1.Lack of SkinCare

Yes, Makeup is used to give an appearance of a clear and youthful glow, clear skin is actually the perfect canvas for your makeup..

What To Do: Have a strict beauty regimen to follow to give your skin the much-needed boost. Remember to follow this simple rule: Cleanse, Tone, Serum and Moisturize

2. Wearing a Wrong Shade of Foundation

It happens to the best of us and that overexcited salesperson does not make the job easier. .

What To Do: I recommend not buying a new foundation in a fluorescent-lit shop. Instead of testing the foundation on your hand, test it on your jawline so you can easily check if it matches your neck and chest. Also, try leaving it on for a day if you can, check it in the sunlight to see if it compliments your skin shade well.

3. Contouring and Highlighting The Wrong Places

Following the bandwagon of contouring and highlighting is one of the top mistakes made by most makeup artists and enthusiasts. Everyone has a different face structure and the same contouring and highlighting rules cannot be applied to anyone. .

What To Do: Highlighting and Contouring is a step that can be missed but if you must then I suggest that you study your face and your angles so you know where to properly place your products. Everyone is different so it’s important that you embrace your uniqueness!

4. Wearing Your False Eyelashes Incorrectly

We want our false lashes (falsies) to look natural as possible and leaving a space between our natural and false lashes is not it. .

What To Do: Try to apply your falsies close to the natural eyelashes as possible, use your thumb and index finger to squeeze your lashes together Also , drawing an eyeliner or tight lining your eyelids can help to correct any imperfections. See video on how to wear lashes correctly.

5. Sleeping with Your Makeup

Sleeping with your makeup is a dangerous habit to acquire or keep. As a result, bacterial growth starts to build up in your skin, clogs up your pores, a dull complexion, and finally, breakouts .

What To Do: Use a makeup wipe, or gel cleansers to take off your makeup. I particularly like to use Dermalogica's Special Cleansing Gel which is a soap-free, naturally-foaming facial cleanser. After wiping off your makeup, continue with your skincare routine..

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